Saturday, November 27, 2004

Am I good, or what?

I even beat the Washington Times.

Knaves: The self-pitying Kerry voters and those who coddle them, for a childish exchange of offers and acceptances of forgiveness.
Shortly after John Kerry lost the presidential election to President Bush, the American left lost something more: Any semblance of self-respect. A Web site quickly popped up called that allows those with nothing better to do with their lives to leave pictures of themselves asking forgiveness from the world for the re-election of Mr. Bush. Some 6,000 pictures later and now there's a Web site called that features citizens of the world doing what its namesake suggests.
But (wouldn't you know it?) those pesky red staters have started their own Web site called A surprising entry comes from "Osama bin Laden," who says, "I am so sorry, world! Freedom will spread now! And there's nothing I can do! Damn the evil of democracy!" Admittedly, the authenticity of bin Laden's entry could not be verified.
For being ridiculous, the minds behind and are the Knaves of the week.

I had these posts up from Your Welcome and Sorry Everyone almost a week ago- Nov. 21.
(Well, ok so did alot of other blogs,,, but still-well I did beat the Times, and you know, , , well that should count for something )

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