Thursday, November 25, 2004

More on liberal whining

Deroy Murdock over at National Review Online makes a good analogy in his piece on politics of division.
He starts:
-Imagine that you and I were neighbors, or even friends. One day, I drop by to visit. Eventually, I suggest that our community has become dangerous and that you might consider buying a gun and taking shooting lessons. As you extinguish your fourth cigarette in half an hour, I also observe that quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do to improve your health.
You suddenly capsize your coffee table and scream, "You talk like Hitler. Damn you and your family!" whereupon you announce that you will move to another state because you cannot stand living next door to me.

Now, would this make me divisive, or you unhinged? (guess it depends on which side you're on)
A paragraph down, he makes this apt remark:
-Today's American Left is largely responsible for the division they so loudly condemn. They have every right to chide President Bush's policies, lament his reelection, and propose better ideas. Instead, the Left throws parched logs onto the national political bonfire, then curses the ensuing flames.

It is a good read, too bad the ones that need to understand this-won't.

Go read it, if it's too long then skip the examples you already know about anyway.

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