Sunday, November 28, 2004

Post Office Looking to raise rates, again

OK, who wants to pay at least 41 cents to mail a First Class letter? Pay a bill? Send Grandma a Birthday card? The Post Office wants you to. According to the Motley Fool:
, , ," USPS was counting on the passage of some legislation by Congress, which would have relieved it of the obligation to pay about $3 billion in annual pension obligations for employees who are also military veterans. That legislation is now expected to fail, and, in anticipation of that event, USPS "went postal" with its rate hike. But this Fool wonders: If a subsidized government-run pseudo-monopoly cries for help in the wilderness, will anyone hear? , , ,

Ok, so they have competition from FedEx, UPS, e-mail, and several other businesses. The question I have is, they're a monopoly in bulk mail, and First class letters still.
Why not stop wasting money on TELEVISION ADS? Why not increase productivity?
I pay most of my bills online, and use e-mail quite a lot.
I use the USPS for mailing packages overseas. But if they do raise rates, I'll go find somewhere else, simple as that.
I'll keep using the USPS as long as it's cost effective to me. If they want to raise rates somewhere, raise the cost of bulk (junk)mail.

You raise my rates, I'll walk.
Deliver that.

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