Monday, October 31, 2011

OSHA and workers safety

There are reasons to have back-up alarms.
The construction site is busy and noisy, people are concentrating on their own jobs and don't always see what's coming at them, so in answer to PISSED here are some things that need back-up alarms.

Dump trucks

Back hoes

Man lifts

However, there are some things that need warnings, but are not mandated to have back-up alarms, this, which I just cannot bring myself to show on this blog- is one of them.

It sucks when facts get in the way

I was all ready to dump on the muslim students at the Catholic University of America, and to actually put a bet down that the trouble making Islamists were Somalis.

But, when you actually do about .5 seconds of goggle-foo, you find the truth.
That being that some Liberal prof took it upon himself to sue for the students who had no problem with the arrangements at the university.

...but professor John Banzhaf said he filed the complaint with the city based on the article and had not received any complaints from Muslim students.

Banzhaf is known for filing dozens of human rights complaints, including those alleging discrimination against women and non-smokers. His Web site declares that he’s called “the Area’s Best-Known ‘Radical’ Law Professor.”

So, tell me how this isn't racially motivated

You have a black guy who was accused of being a sexual predator and the MSM went nuts on it.

You had a white guy going farther in the sexual predator area up to and including rape- and the MSM ignored it until they couldn't anymore, and then decided the white guys personal life didn't affect his public job performance. So just drop it, ok!?!

Now we have another black guy accused of...something 20 years ago and the MSM want to try making a huge scandal out of it.

So, if you were a liberal with their well honed sense of racial equality, you'd have to be outraged at the blatant racis............. Oh, Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain are conservative-

Sunday, October 30, 2011

There are times when you trust technology

And then there are times when technology is going to eat you up and spit you out like a fish bone.

I think those haX0rz over at Anonomous are going to find out that technology is not their friend when the people they are f*cking with get a trace their routings.

And the .GOVS and a.COMS are not going to cut off their heads after torturing them to death like the Zetas they're now targeting.

Good luck there Anonymous- hope your moms basement is teargas proof.

The Walking Dead

Shane is a real POS isn't he?

I thought- when he was doing Lori- he told Carl (the son) he was a Cajun.
In this weeks episode- Rick told Lori about growing up with Shane.

I think I'd pass if there was any recon needed if Shane offered to help...


In every school I've been at- there are at least two or three big (moving box) sized gas meters around the gym and mechanical room. Even if the gas was shut down, there would be residual pressure in the mains. A shotgun blast to the main regulator would flood the area with gas- add a flair and POOF! zombie flambe.

-Or you could just shoot your partner in the knee...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Candy is dandy...

Ready for the Halloween thing?

Our last poll was pretty well divided, like I hoped it would be between the three greediest groups I can think of- with a total of 81 votes distributed between Union thugs as a winner with 40% of the votes @ 32 then came The Gorical with 32% and 26 votes, followed closesly by the clueless #OWS clowns at 28% and 23 votes.
As usual, you can still vote, but it won't count.

Now, for Halloween we have this poll-
What do you do with hard candy/ toosie rolls?
Suck them, or lick them like they were designed to be. 
Lick or suck until you're bored then chew. 
Quit wasting time and get it done. 
I don't do hard candy. free polls 

This is one reason Ron Paul won't be elected

No matter how much sense he makes, his Paulbots will end up making peoples decisions for them.

Trying to make a point about foreign policy, Cain was loudly interrupted by spectators in the crowd waving Ron Paul signs and yelling, “That is absurd.”

Moments later, Cain was interrupted again while making a point about the Federal Reserve. One of Rep. Ron Paul’s signature positions is eliminating that organization.

Not to mention the Paul signs up in trees, on speed limit signs, guard rails...

Advertising my mistakes

So you don't have to relearn them- for free!

If you decide to make a batch of split pea soup and don't have any potatoes, it's ok to substitute with a couple Tater-tots.

Just don't use an entire potato worth of them, or they'll act like corn starch (or your favorite thickening agent).

Even G0D doesn't like the #OWS cretins

People are getting almost as tired of the fawning and censored MSM coverage as they are of "Pass this bill!", but G0D is finding a way to end it without violence.

Your 'Valley Forge moment' indeed- like you'd EVAR have the intestinal fortitude to do without your i-pod for an hour.

From the signhangers uinternational #4875467

Because we just put them up, we don't read them.

Let me fix that title for you, cBS

to make it more truthful, it should read:

ATF gunwalker update: Eric Holder to testify lie on Fast and Furious

There- all fixed.
Because we know Hillary explained how to answer those uncomfortable questions without being accused of perjury.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween, huh?


It's a good start

A brand new factory authorized `65 Mustang body for only $15K.

The problem is, now you have to find the rest.

I'll wait until they come out with the `68 Bronco, though...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have to admit that I didn't watch it

And I don't plan on either watching or reading too much about the Hillary! deposition on the House.

I really don't have to because I remember the last time she was up there, and her answers will be a variation on-
  • I don't remember
  • not to my knowledge
  • that is not how I remember it
  • It's the fault of those bimbos
  • China? We never got special treatment for Loral
  • You right wingers are still out to get Bill!
  • It must have been some underling
Did I miss any?

There oughtta be an App for that

Good news on the copyright infringement trolls.
You remember them? Righthaven- the group that formed to strong-arm payments from bloggers who sent eyeballs to their client sites.
Yeah, well they got slapped with an order to pay $119,488 in attorney's fees and costs in its failed lawsuit against former federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiase.

And they're fixing to get hit with a bigger award from the disgusting site the DU (which will remain linkless)

Now..about that app- someone needs to compile a list of all Righthavens clients so that no blogger accidentally sends them a link.
You know, add a widget to Blogger, so it automatically sends a warning if the link goes to say the Las Vegas Review-Journal....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watch out Oakland PD

or else suffer the wrath of Pokiemanism

...or something-

AND watch out- he has handcuffs and knows how to use them...

Sorry about not getting the name right Pokie, didn't see the distinctive superhero costume.

,,,Guess mom was washing it that night, huh?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The times, they are a changing

..or not.

But in the spirit of the `60's engendered by the smelly hippies who want the same as the ones leading the DNC did 50 years ago...
Go here and lets start a movement- just stick your head into his comments and say "You can get anything you want at Alice's restUrant..."

Because if I did it, and you do it, and the other people reading this blog do it...we can get noticed- or something.

...And in news that's not

Well, it's not news to anyone with the intelligence greater than a guppy.

Barry's pet Wookie has been in the news more than Laura Bush...chimpyMcHitler.

Because their god complex just won't let them 'not' mention anything they can do to tongue-bathe either one of them.

Well, unless they're hiding a picture like this...

Monday, October 24, 2011

"Not electable" spoke the 'Architect'

The one that ran the election campaign of 2000 and won by a Supreme Court decision.

Right Karl Rove, if he were a Country Club Republican who wanted the same status-quoe as you and the other elders of the RINO party do- you'd have no problem with his mis-statements.

Go try to get Mittens elected as the newest 'Maverick'.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Joe, you did not

. . .Biden also answered the criticism that he and President Obama have presided over two and a half years of high unemployment figures. “We have brought back jobs. We have brought back or saved over 3 million jobs,” he said, adding that “the fact of the matter is that’s not enough.” Biden defended the current administration’s economic record, saying that “we started with an 8 million job deficit that wasn’t of our making.

Your plastic Chicago Jeezus did not do that.
Steve Jobs is still dead.


This posting in Craigslist reminded me to remind you- or to tell those of you too young to remember "dumb" phones.

The ones that plug directly into the wall...

You see kids, way beck in the dark ages there were telephones that did nothing but make and receive calls. They plugged right into the phone system and had to actually be dialed by hand!
Yes, really!

But what they have over their digital replacements is that as long as the phone system was up, you'd have phone service! you weren't at the mercy of power outages and down time on your broadband.

If you got a dial tone, you could use the phone.

Kinda retro, huh? Being able to use the phone when everything else is out (including cell towers).

It wasn't an "accident"

It was a rule 3 (or 4- depending...) violation: Be sure of your target and what's behind it.

You don't just shoot at movement in the brush when you're hunting.
They should charge the guy with at least negligent homicide.

For your information-
This is a bear

This is a general representation of a Marine in civilian clothing
--actually it's a double shot

But, then again- if you were just taking a 'sound shot' you wouldn't be able to tell, the difference-would you?

Yes, that's my son-in-law on the left.

Layers and layers of oversite and editors?

O-Kay, then...

Which brings you to ask- "What foreign policy successes?"

But according to the sycophants at Al Reuters, President White Guilt has a whole arm long list of them.

Mostly by taking credit for things he was marginally involved in.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama delivered on another foreign policy promise on Friday with plans to pull the last U.S. troops from Iraq. But in a re-election campaign all about the weak U.S. economy, he may not get much credit.

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi -- these are all dead U.S. opponents that Democrat Obama can claim a measure of credit for getting.

Now add to that Obama's announcement on Friday that the eight-year war in Iraq is ending, fulfilling a campaign goal he made in 2008 when he declared the conflict a misguided mistake by his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush.

Well you could, maybe call Gaddafy -in a way a result of Himself getting us into an illegal war (which if it were Bush would have been protested by you) a plus. But why was he a threat to us? He hadn't done ANYTHING to us since Reagan sent a flight over to shut him up.

As far as al-Awlaki, he was just one of many to get vaporized by a hellfire missile-except that he had a famous name.

Lets talk about the "decisiveness and coolness of character that will help him in 2012,". Do you mean that almost 48 hours worth of dithering and hand wringing before he reluctantly gave the OK to kill Osama?

Now that He's had three years of "smart dipolmacy" under his belt we have:
  • the entire Mid-East heading full tilt to Islamic totalitarianism,
  • Israel and the Palies are farther apart than ever, 
  • there are drougths in our mid-west,
  • satellites are falling out of the sky
  • earthquakes where they never used to be
  • Putin is going to bring back the USSR
  • China is in control of our money

But- HEY! At least he's not George W.  ChimpyMcHitler Bush.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We can live without.

I just got back from Wally-World after dropping almost $150 on almost all store brand basics.
The shredded cheese I bought for almost $9 was a little over $6 a bag 36 months ago.
The bottom round I didn't buy used to cost less than half of what they want for it now- three years into the hopey-changeyness that is Chicago-on-the-Potomac.
Frozen chicken chunks- more for less.
I am NOT paying $6.50 for a Dominos pizza when I can get delivery for less than that.

Bread. The wheat they don't turn into ethanol is making that $.94 bread grow into $1.26 for the same loaf.
Not to mention the Green Bell peppers that used to be 3/$1 are now $.77each (That's double for all you math scholars out there) in six months- for the same size or less.

I sure am glad Nancy Pelosi gut her minimum wage exemption for Pacific islanders involved in Tuna fishing and canning because at least I can still afford large cans of no-name tuna.

And lastly Mr. Economic Genius- I'm sure Bo the poodle is eating steak and organic vegetables for his meals,while our dogs are getting less for more because a 40LB bag of Ol' Roy (red bag) went from $12 to $17 in your tenure.

GFYS and tell Plugs how to do it, too.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dad should sell tickets to divorce court

When this C(Sarah Palin word)t tries to get her alimony and child custody from the banker she abandoned to slut around at #OWS.

"But really Judge- I didn't mean those things I said about money up in NYC when I was drugged out and hooking-up with Rami Shamir under those tarps."

The Iraqi quagmire is finally over

Thanks to President Kickass's repeat two step Democrat strategy for ending wars.



And then leave the resulting Islamist tidal wave to be dealt with by the incoming Republicans.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How many levels of wrong can you see happening here?

The Volunteer State just became the police state with their warrant-less trucking inspections at weigh stations.

Yeah, I can understand the idea behind it, and it does make sense.
BUT- yes it's the companies truck they're searching for bombs and such- But it's YOUR house while you're on the road.

AND they emphasis that if you see something suspicious, then call the Bears.

Nope, don't see how someone getting tailgated by some asshole in a Bimmer (but I repeat myself) then getting their front bumper almost taken off when they cut around to get to the off-ramp in front of you..."Ummm, I swear that Blue Bimmer Lic.#xx-xxx with the dark windows had someone flailing in the back seat..."

There sure is a lot of backslapping about Libya

Considering that it was a French led mission- or that's what we were being told...until President KickAzz

decides to ride it into the ground.

NOW- who's going to be responsible for finding those 20,000 some shoulder fired SAM missiles that are on their way somewhere?

But, at least the world is rid of a brutal dictator who pulled in his claws against America after Reagan swatted his nose with a brace of F-111's thirty years ago.

So now what? Are those Muslim extremists going to be all Kum-Ba-ya with Jews and Christians while becoming a Representative democracy that separates religion from politics...just like in Egypt?

Some how I think we'll regret not having a steady dictatorial hand in the Libyan oil fields.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just wondering about the 'Tour to Nowhere'

Those buses they're using that are decked out better than my house-

What kind of mileage does the Green president get with them? Without all that armor, they only got like 6 MPG. Now that they're up armored and have all the goodies they must get what? 2MPG?

Are they flying those buses to each venue like they did on the first campaign trip?

How is playing golf every weekend at Andrews AFB not getting away from DeeCee- like you talk about on your campaign stops?