Sunday, November 18, 2007

The hidden Zen of a chicken joke

Albert has a Conservativly beatnick view of why the chicken crossed the road.

Or did he? Or was it---like fore ordaned?


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Being the one in charge really sucks sometimes

Rachel is going through one of those times with her oldest dog.

Be sure you have plenty of snotrags.
Because she's posting I think, mostly to think through what has to be done, which makes it even more heart breaking.

I had to do it, and anyone with a heart has had to do it with a pet.

Getting street cred

Ok, as y'all know I'm back with an old boss. The job is in NE San Antonio (about 55 mi. away), which is in a small town who's name you may recognize.

I was thinking that the next blogmeet near San Antonio, we could get some street cred by holding a march there, and get pics to show how much we "CARE!" about racial equality and advancing our black colored disadvantaged Americans of African descent.

I think I've realized a fundamental fact about why poor people are poor, or maybe they're poor as a result of sub-par education and social skills.
I'm selling the Dodge, and have been getting e-mails from several people (one was trying to scam me with a cashiers check). The ones who seem 'normal' I would work with price-Wise. The ones who can't use common capitalization, punctuation or common courtesy (or any combination) don't have much of a chance in budging me into not getting as much as I can from them. Or me remembering to tell them the idiosyncrasies of the truck....

I think I may have found my bandwith problem.
I know that VISTA is a resource hog, I'm wondering if it's always in contact with "the mother ship"?
I see that it ran a defrag at 3AM this morning, and my FAP was higher this morning than it was last night. I'll try leaving the VISTA offline all day and see what happens then. since I'm looking for an excuse to get rid of it.
We also have several new ,,,surprises when we open or close some games and programs- including an aborted attempt to reach a (an unknown) website.

Friday, November 16, 2007

All who have never smelled natural gas

Raise your hands.
Not just "natural gas" ( because it kinda smells like paint thinner in it natural state- maybe,,,if it's rich)- the gas you're used to smelling with BP Captain in it.


How about some woman who just bought a $350,000 house?

In Florida. She smelled something funny near her naturak gas fireplace, and lit it to get rid of the smell.

I wonder what the gas smells like down in Cuba?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

DISHinternet and you

If you ever need to get broadband without cable or DSL available, DO NOT opt for the DISH internet. They'll slap a FAP on you so fast you won't know you're over untill you computer has download speeds of dial-up.

If you have to get satellite broadband, get it's what supplies the scam artists DISHNETWORK and their broadband... but it doesn't slap a FAP penalty on you as fast as they take a breath. I was on Wildblue for over a year untill their triad went out (I'd have to pay for another), so was convinced to got with DISHTV and their rental system. Not very helpful operators, and draconian policies.

If they offer DISHTV broadband, they have wildblue- it's the same price (and installers) for a little better service.

116K when I'm paying $75/mo for 1000K download....And they say I can't have full speed until they choke me down to 8,700MB of download when my threshold is 12,00 Megs-Jezus!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AHHHHh, That's why he did it!

My George Bush Conspiracy Theory

George W. Bush vetoed the State Children's Health Insurance Program bill so that Ann Coulter, white men, SUV owners, and gun owners could offend Muslims.

Create your own at

Thanks Miriam

Sen. Danial Inoue

I've got PBS on in the background - don't faint, it has "The War" playing.

They just got done with an interview of Danial Inoue's experience in WWII- the Italian campagne.
During on mountain assault he was taking out NAZI MG posts where he wqas wounded several times and lost his right arm to shrapnel.

My question is- after all he went through, why as a Dem. does he want to throw it all away?
I mean he's almost a rubber stamp for Harry Reid.

Why do I have a feeling he's being framed?

I think OJ was guilty as h*ll for his knife murders in LA.

But given that the F.B.I. knew about his plans three weeks in advance...........
Not officially, or found any reason to tell the local cops.

So now, everything is going against the Juice, even his co-offenders.
I don't know what went on in that room, but somehow I think it was just some kind of stupid repo scam. That it was OJ involved in something out of 'Police Squad" episode is about par for the course.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who runs the History Channel?

I'm wondering because they seem to be doing an all Global Warming all night thing tonight..
Going on with that idiotic "CO2 is going to cook the Earth!" meme that AlGore is getting filthy rich from.

So help me out with a little experiment, ok?

I promise it won't hurt.

And when the experiment is done, I want yo to tell me how ruining entire economies by forcing all these expensive changes would make any diffwerend to the results.



First go get one of those 3-way lamps. You know the one that you can get three levels of light from.

Take off the shade and turn it on to the low setting.

Now, hold your hand about six inches from the light and see how warm it is.

Next, switch passet the middle one and stop on the high setting.
Is your hand still six inches away? Is it feeling any warmer?

Now tell me, what did your hand do to to cause handular heating climate change? Because it just CAN'T be the heat source going through it's lifecycle- could it?
It just has to be the cause of all those little microbes putting out those greenhouse gases, right?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Updates from Casa Trainwreck.

I have several job interviews scheduled for this week.
I have a job offer as a driver for a septic company. I'm not sure if I want to take it, since I have interviews with ,,,,better companies- but no offers and I'm sure they don't work 55 hours a week.

I'm going to try making ends meet by making wood and wire(horse panel) dog kennels.
I figure I can sell them for around $225- 250 (with a good $50+ profit margine), being more *natural* looking and all AND alot less than the $350-575 they want for all metal dog runs.

Maybe I'll see if high-end heated dog houses are worth looking at, too.

I also don't know when, or if I'll get unemployment, just depends on what the boss checks on the form, doesn't it?


Just got back from talking to (one of) my old boss. I start Thurs. at the same rate I was at before. Hopefully the job won't be as bad as last time, since Bosses brother isn't in charge of me, and the transition and turmoil about expanding and moving is over.

The 120 mi. commute will suck, though.

But I'll be looking at something else I didn't get when Chris was there, a dollar raise at 3 months.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Since I'm not a professional Reporter, I'll make a correction.

See, I wnt to kinda set an example for some Newspapers who either don't acknowledge any mistakes, or bury their corrections on their obit page.

I had a comment fom a student who goes to that school telling about a death threat/suicide note the week before. He put a post up on his blog about both inccidents.

Reason #365 to pack heat

Because Stun Guns don't work on carjackers!

ATLANTA (AP) -- A man tried to use a stun gun to fend off a carjacker and ended up being shot five times.

The man was taken to the hospital Wednesday with wounds to his abdomen and leg but was expected to survive, Atlanta police Sgt. Lisa Keyes said.

The man was driving a minivan in southeast Atlanta when he was confronted by a carjacker at an intersection. The carjacker jumped in, told the man to drive and demanded money, police said.

While trying to reach for his money, the man also pulled out his stun gun and shocked the carjacker.

But the carjacker reacted by shooting the man at least five times, Keyes said. The van, which was still moving, crashed into a tree and the carjacker ran away.

A MINI VAN--dude! Really!

Keyes stressed the importance simply giving up the vehicle when confronted by a carjacker.

"Make the situation safe for you," she said. "You know you have to get away from that person. Just try to give the car up."

No, you shoot the f*cker- it's your property, it's your right to defend it.

AND in the "You gotta be chitting me dept"........
You'd think this happened in the nanny state of Great Briton (where they DO actually freak out over .22 rounds), in stead of the U.S.A. (ok, it was in Michigan).

A 22 caliber bullet put Plainwell High School into temporary lockdown Thursday morning.

Police cars from the state, city and sheriff's department were outside the high school.

Inside classes were in temporary lockdown.

“An announcement came saying we had to stay in our first hour until they told us to leave,” said student Joan Giffels.

Before eight Thursday morning, the district says a parent found a 22 caliber bullet on the sidewalk. The bullet is no bigger than a quarter, but students in their first period classes didn't know what to think.

“They think someone's going to come in and randomly shoot or hurt someone,” said student Afton Rachut

Got a question for y'all

We have three dogs.

By seniority they are

Meg(the black one) and Scooter (the B&W one)

and the "baby"

Goliath, remember that post I put up about six months ago of the little foundling?

Anyway, both the smaller dogs are lacking something in the inelligence department. It took Scooter over a week to learn that the storm door opened on the left side and that he just couldn't get inside unless he was on that side. Meg is a little better, but no doggie Einstein.

Goliath is smart for a dog, but he needs socialisation with people and normal dogs.

Anyway, is it really *wrong* for me to refer to them all as Scootard , Megatard and Goliatard?
I mean it can't be that wrong be cause Dr. Who has his TARDus.

Boy, that must have scared them!

Why would anyone from MENSA be visiting this blog?

Oh, and I saw that the stage hand union is on strike now, too- along with the writers union.
That's strange, given that most of the entertainmement industry Big....ummm.... Yuks???? mostly LIBERAL. You know, the ones that care so much for the underdog, and want to raise them to a "living wage" or whatever they excuse they use for everyone else ponying out more money for the exact same thing.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today is Veterans day, formerly known as Armistice Day

November 11, 1918.
Eleveth of eleven eleven

The end of the first World War and ironically, a smoldering ember that helped fire the
next German invasion of France which was complete 33 years later.

The terms were written by the French, and basically poured a pound of salt into an already socially wounded country.

But that's besides the point. Today we reflect on the sacrifice of all who served, not only in this country, but over the freedom loving peoples whatever their language- Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day the ideals of freedom are were the same.

There is an old saying that we're always ready to fight the last war- because of the way things change, but it always seems that we have these appeasers who refuse to learn from the last war. Our military members are the best of our population, even if they were draftees.

We need to remember that they stopped their lives to serve this country, and some never got to pick-up where they left off. I want to extend a hearty "Bravo Zulu" to my fellow Vets who DID take time to protect this, the Greatest nation on Gods green earth.

We also need to remember with all these political speeches tomorrow, that actions speak louder than words. I'm sure there are more unknown Vets that contribute more (even in civilian life- the World) unknown, than the entire class of bloviating pols do while mouthing their 'admiration' of the military.

These guys have had many names

Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.
Jar heads

Leather necks

Seagoing bellhops

Devil dogs


MARINE CORPS ORDER No. 47 (Series 1921)
U.S. MARINE CORPS Washington, November 1, 1921

The following will be read to the command on the 10th of November, 1921, and hereafter on the 10th of November of every year. Should the order not be received by the 10th of November, 1921, it will be read upon receipt.

On November 10, 1775, a Corps of Marines was created by a resolution of Continental Congress. Since that date many thousand men have borne the name "Marine". In memory of them it is fitting that we who are Marines should commemorate the birthday of our corps by calling to mind the glories of its long and illustrious history.

The record of our corps is one which will bear comparison with that of the most famous military organizations in the world's history. During 90 of the 146 years of its existence the Marine Corps has been in action against the Nation's foes. From the Battle of Trenton to the Argonne, Marines have won foremost honors in war, and in the long eras of tranquility at home, generation after generation of Marines have grown gray in war in both hemispheres and in every corner of the seven seas, that our country and its citizens might enjoy peace and security.

In every battle and skirmish since the birth of our corps, Marines have acquitted themselves with the greatest distinction, winning new honors on each occasion until the term "Marine" has come to signify all that is highest in military efficiency and soldierly virtue.

This high name of distinction and soldierly repute we who are Marines today have received from those who preceded us in the corps. With it we have also received from them the eternal spirit which has animated our corps from generation to generation and has been the distinguishing mark of the Marines in every age. So long as that spirit continues to flourish Marines will be found equal to every emergency in the future as they have been in the past, and the men of our Nation will regard us as worthy successors to the long line of illustrious men who have served as "Soldiers of the Sea" since the founding of the Corps.

Major General

Happy 232 guys
Semper Fi!

There is an OFF button you could use

If you turn on the TV and see something objectionable- with your young kids.
OR- you could change the channel.

One viewer described the programme as "nasty, leaving a bad taste in the mouth" while another said: "This is prime time family viewing. I switched on with young children present and was deeply disturbed by the level of nudity at that time.

"It made for extremely uncomfortable and gratuitous television, particularly when I had to explain it to my children." Another wrote: "They belittle and embarrass their victims."

You know that British show "What not to wear"?
Now they have another one out 'Take off your underwear'.......or something.(Possibly NSFW pics)

Did I mention it's a British show, from the land that gave us Monty Python and Benny Hill?

This is a country where (when I visited Karen) I was watching a show teaching women to be strippers.

OR,,,,,,was it the fact that it was on before 9PM?

Friday, November 09, 2007

WOW! How time flies

It was 56 years ago today that direct dial coast to coast was enabled in the U.S.
It was expensive and required alot of shouting over static.
By one monopolistic entity who actually BUILT the system.
Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.

Today, I'm sitting midway between Castroville, Tx and Hondo, Tx (8 miles to the closest city services) and sending this up to a satellite from my own personal communication station on my roof.

In ten years this setup will be (maybe) worth being in a museum.

Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful a dooshbag -part 2

I'm sure you've heard about the guy who sent a bragging, snotty e-mail to some woman who pinged" him.
Well now he's crying that his bragging letter has made the rounds on AlGores intertubes.

Jen apparently was put off by Page's letter. She sent him a canned response that said they weren't a "personality match."

But instead of moving on, Page made a colossal blunder. He sent her an angry, defensive, sarcastic letter relisting his vital stats – stats that he thinks make her a fool for spurning him:

"8.9 on Hot or Not, Ivy League grad, Mensa member, can bench/squat/leg press over 1200 lbs., has had lunch with the secretary of defense, has an MBA from the top school in the country, lives in a Buckhead high-rise, drives a Beemer convertible, has been in 14 major motion pictures, was in Jezebel's Best dressed, etc."

Jen forwarded Page's e-mail to the popular media blog In posts viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, Gawker published Page's letter and picture, along with mocking links to his website. Gawker dubbed Page a "nightmare online dater," a "douche bag" and the "worst person in the world." Google the phrase "Atlanta douche bag" and you'll now find John Fitzgerald Page.

Ohhh, and made him the object of derision.
I think the death threats are a little over the top, though.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just showing his moves

Removed because frigging DISH NETWORK Keeps telling me I'm using too much bndwidth!
Do NOT sign up for DISH NETWORK broadband- get wild blue instead.

I got me a brand new...

Big helping of nothing.

I feel like cr@p.

I worked my way out of a job, and was told last Fri. it was my last day.
Now I have to scramble to find something, so i've been looking and calling around.

Don't want to do a driving job because of my shoulder, but I'll do it if nothing comes up better by Weds.

Boy, I wish I'd hear somehing about that locators job -rich municipality, baby!

They didn't forget about me!
After four days of nothing, they gave me $85 worth of work...IF I can gain access because they're all in gated commumities. With no codes and usually no one home.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The things you find by linksurfing---bumped

Oh, look! It's my favorite piece of trailer trash en camera...

The first pic even showes her doing a pretty good Rosie impression!

CAUTION, not for the faint of heart, squemish or those with *any* kind of taste.

So,,,,, HEEEeerrrRRrreeeeeesSSS..................Brit!

I was just at wally-world and just had to spread the word about the newest addition to our favorite white trash family...........
According to the checkout counter papers!!!!!!!!!!!...again!!!!!!!

Next we'll be seeing her walking around in her bathrobe with curlers in her hair and a coffin nail hanging from the corner of her mouth.

Monday, November 05, 2007

"Penny for the guy?"

Today is Englands Guy Fawks day.

It's kinda like their Independance Day, in celebrating the discovery of a plot to blow up Parliment and the King.

In our day we'd call him a terrorist.

This was also the time I went to meet Karens parents in 'Old Blighty' about six years ago.
If I can find them, I'll be posting some pictures of "ahn owld bairn" as Karen so quaintly called the remains of the Mayflower.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I say my boy, that's simply not Cricket.......wot?

I see over in Orlando they had a Cricket match and a shooting broke out.

No, it wasn't the Brits, it was their former colonials *dot* Indians.

I guess I'm thinking of the 'other' Cricket that takes days to play, interrupted by tea and crumpets and formal ,,,,ummmmm whatever high class Brits do at night.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I know this road like the back of my hand

Why should I slow down in a little fog?

I actually heard that on the C.B. when I was hauling a load up in VT. From a "professional Driver"...with a Class A D.L.

Anyway, THIS is why you slow down....

FRESNO, Calif. - More than 100 cars and trucks crashed on a fog-shrouded freeway Saturday, killing at least two people and injuring dozens more, the California Highway Patrol said.

Eighteen big rigs were involved in the massive pileup on Highway 99 just south of Fresno as patches of dense fog obscured visibility on the heavily traveled roadway, CHP officials said.

But, then again it's California, so reality doesn't infringe there very often.
But when it does it hits hard.

Friday, November 02, 2007

C'mon Opie, lets go phishing

I just saw a hit from someone looking for phishing help.
More specifically, how to belatedly help *do* something about clicking on a phishing site.

Yahoo had some experts there, but I'll give you a little advice.

A phishing site won't,,,,will NOT look the same as your computer screen.
It may even have a different browser than you normally use, different bars and tab pages (I don't use the tab thing).

The main site will also look subtly different.

Most importantly, NEVER click a link from e-mail. Go to your bookmarks, or search for the site to be sure you don't get redirected to a phishing site.

Your Friday drivel

Found at The daily ramble, one meme I could get into...

The 10 people who need to get hit with a brick meme

Ok, here's my top of the head list:
  1. Sean Penn
  2. Michael Vic
  3. Pinch Sulzberger
  4. Adolph Admdinijihad
  5. Hugo chaves
  6. Ted Kennedy
  7. Every member of ELF,PETA,
    and all the other eco-freaks.
  8. Harry Reid
  9. Ron Paultards
  10. Every member of the Mexican racist organizations working for illegal amnesty.

As you can see I'm not tagging anyone, because I don't like being tagged, but feel free to use for blogfodder.

I see the price of oil is going up again

I guess *this time* it's because the Fed dropped rates, right?

It couldn't be speculators just running up the price just so they can make even MORE money, would it?

When are the Legacy Media going to start going after "Big Specultion" like they're going after the oil companies? After all, oil companies actually PRODUCE something to make their 8 cents a gallon of gas- speculators don't do jack for their money except drive up the price.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Rants from a $500/hr whore escort.

"Yes sailor, meloveyouforevernobushchit".

You PETArds need to call the SPCA

Or not.

I had two out of three dogs wagging their tails at me from the wrong side of the fence when I got home today. So instead of doing paperwork and taking a well needed nap, I had to try dog-proofing the paddock.

I know you'd rather come over here and "set the poor creatures free". But the reason I don't want them running around is that they're idiots.

We try to keep them in the yard because they don't know about traffic, the only cars they're familiar with let them ride inside them and only travel at walking speed.
They don't know what to do on the highway half a mile the dead Bodie (cost $90 to put him out of his pain) demonstrates.

They don't know about the wild critters that look at them as prey or competition,,,not playmates.
Cows, sheep and goats are not funny looking dogs,,,and will result in getting shot.

Those are some of the reasons we try to keep these three dogs in the yard.

One of them (Meg- the terrier mix) has decided that running around on a little over an acre isn't good enough.

After digging out for the last two out of three days, I finally ...oh, and she had to stop at my work shed to clear the top shelf (and ruin a dremil, and loose parts to a plunge router)...I finally got tired of just blocking her escape paths and went electric.

I don't mean the 20VDC from the electric fence control box- that she knows how to get around- nope it's 120VAC and not interrupted. If she wants out that bad she'll remember the experience, and hopefully it'll scare the other two into staying far away from any shiny wire along the fence.

Hey, at least I stopped myself from running a neutral six inches from the hot wire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this time.

Beer, it does a body good

I always new that beer was better than water on a hot day.
Next time your Dr. says anything bad about how much you dronk, show them this article about hydration. (Including a really gehy pic about a Crikitteer)

Basically what they say is that beer is as good for you as water (probably better) because of the carbs and other healthy stuff.

So y'all next time you work hard feel good about rewarding yourself with a nice cool one.