Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A quick question for all you "journalists" out there

Here's your story-
A New Jersey man who survived accidentally shooting a 4-inch ( 10-cm) nail into his heart while trying to clear a jammed nail gun said on Friday he feels like he won the lottery.

~snip~-money quote:
Hennis, a self-employed builder, was working with his son, age 28, on a neighbor's roof on Saturday when his nail gun jammed and he tried to clear it, mistakenly pointing it toward him.
The powerful tool was built to fire 4-inch nails at 120 pounds per square inch (8.4 kg per square cm), said hospital spokeswoman Lori Shaffer.

This is a framing nail gun:

How do you 'accidentally' aim it at yourself?
I know guys who keep the trigger pulled back so they could blow-and-go, or wired the safety back,,so they could blow-and-go- and I never liked working around them.

Now, they make them so you can't jimmy the safety- don't know what he was doing, but there wasn't any 'accidentally' about where that nail gun was pointed.


  1. I've seen nails fly a hundred feet when they missed the board and bounced on concrete; curve around a knot into a hand and even knew a guy that nailed his thumb to a rafter, but I've never personally seen, or heard of anyone shooting their self with a nail. There are too many safety features, and the damned things aren't designed where it's a convenient position having the business end facing the user.

  2. Some folks just shouldn't be using ANY type of tools. Know what I mean? Sheesh.


  3. IMO, it is harder to obtain a negligent discharge from a pistol than it is from a nail gun.

    That took real talent in dumbassery. Now, I demand registraton of all nail guns. I demand that there be a 5 day waiting period when your purchase one. I also demand mandatory safety training for all users that must be updated every 5 years.

    Remember, its for the children.