Sunday, April 29, 2012

Puppy training

This little pissnozzle can't take two steps without leaving a trail on the carpet.

I don't know if leashing him close to me will work or not.

Looks like he was just really dehydrated.
Now I just need to get him to realize that HIS bathroom is outside the front door.


  1. The old traditional way works best: take him outside frequently and praise him when he urinates, rub his nose in it and rebuke him when he does it inside, and within a month he should have the idea down pretty well. Make sure the rest of the family does likewise so as not to confuse him.

  2. I don't think that'll work with this one.
    He's been so neglected that he's used to sleeping in his own waste, AND he pees while walking.

    I'm going to stop food and water about 2PM and watch him like a hawk until bed time.

    I gave him a benadryle last night that had absolutely NO affect on him at all. Potty pads were shredded (even the ones I used to blot his puddles) there were four new puddles and three piles three hours after I last let him out before bed time.

  3. Absolutely no punishment for an accident. If your puppy has an accident You might not be watching him well enough. If you can not have eyes on hands on then crate. Potty pads teach your dog it is ok to potty in the house. If you want him to potty outside then do not encourage him to potty inside. Hope this helps