Monday, April 16, 2012

The new culture wars

We went through at least one in the `60's-early `70's.

But that wasn't really a culture war, more like a scrimmage of those of divergent futures with the same history.
Both sides were coming from the same places (common history, schools, whole family's...), but the professors, union bosses and Hollywood gave the Hippies a different vision of the future.

Today- the entire education system, along with the race hustlers have taken our common history away and substituted their alternate vision of history and morals.
Now we don't have much -except for language and currency in common with the "urban" culture who has always been told by race hustlers and the education system that they have their own culture and to try to get ahead by working for it and getting a 'real' education is "acting white".

Because hate and resentment is such an easier emotion to manipulate than racial co-understanding and common outlook.

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