Saturday, April 07, 2012

I'm watching "The matrix" agian

Well, it's the last Matrix, and I know -it's a crappy kind of movie, but it's one that you have to stop on,,,you know--those kind.
Those ATUs- why aren't the drivers more protected? And why do they have to hold their arms AND the controls without any arm support? It would seem a lot better to use joysticks like backhoe operators use for 8- 12 hours a day.

And the ammo-humpers are completely unprotected? With at that hot, sharp metal flying all over? WTF- I know they're not highly trained specialists, but dude- if they can't work, YOU can't get reloaded.

THEN the advertisement for the Cell phone company with the teen giving the guy a silent treatment- over the phone...Yeah, he doesn't know what to do-
- I'd hang up and make that problem worse.


  1. I just watch Matrix II and III for the shots of Persephone.

  2. That commercial pisses me off too.

  3. Well the ammo carriers weren’t completely unprotected. They sent those guys with their electro ray guns out first, like they helped much. And yes that commercial is annoying.