Thursday, April 19, 2012

...OR- you could have ignored it for the next three minutes

That way instead of f*cking with your phone, you could have remembered to lower your landing gear!

If you weren't 'really' reading that flurry of text alerts you just got at 1,000 feet before landing.


  1. Ignoramus.

    Thanks, New Generations, for making your iPhone more important than those persons around you.

    And so, for shit's sake, that crap has now found itself into the cockpits of airliners.

    Another cuking reason I DON'T FLY.


  2. So now we know the real reason why the rest of us aren't allowed to use them on flights. It has nothing to do with interference with the instruments. The pilots can't be trusted to do their job. Need I mention that "always two there are"? What was the other guy doing?

  3. "What was the other guy doing?"

    He was probably the person texting the pilot...