Monday, August 29, 2011

The new Obama diet- and a new POLL!

As I was making a meal of Raman noodles yesterday (.15/per pack $3.60 for a 24ct. carton) it hit me that soon more and more of our meals will turn out to be the stuff we ate when we were just getting started in life.

Because that's all we'll be able to afford.
So here's the new Raman noodle cooking poll:

How are you going to cook your Obama meal?
Break the noodles in half for easier eating 
Leave the entire block of noodles for more twisting and slurping. 
Just cover the noodles with water- too much dilutes the flavor. 
Like the plastic says- add flavors. 
What are raman noodles? free polls 

As far as the last weeks (and weeks) poll went, you didn't disappoint.
52%/ 33 votes Know the clowns in this government too well, and understand that we'll be looking at even higher taxes than we can afford right after the 2012 election.
And the rest of you still understand the way govt works and whatever you voted for, you know it's true, too.

Anyway, you can still vote- but as always it won't count anymore.

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  1. I'll live on squirrels and poke salad before I ever eat those things again.