Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'm going to ask for a show of hands

How many of you took your lunch to school?
Now- how many got food poisoning from those lunches?

No, Poindexter- getting food poisoning every time you didn't study for a test doesn't count.

The reason I'm asking- and if anyone wants to research, it's fine with me- is that a bunch of busy-bodies did a study on pre-school lunches and found that sac lunches were (GASP!!! eleven) disease factories just waiting to make your kid sick.

...and you wouldn't even know WHY!!!one!1

Almansour says it's not clear how many instances of food-borne illness can be attributed to sack lunches, since tracing food poisoning back to a specific food or meal isn't always possible. But his team's eye-opening findings should encourage parents to rethink how they pack their children's lunches, he says.

"We don't always know what got us sick," he explains. "You can't easily point a finger at a particular food. But sack lunches could easily be the culprit."

So, who wants to guess what the Ledge. or some other Liberal who wants more control of your kids life is going to do with this study?

Because, after all if it saves just one child....


  1. I took my sandwich in a brown paper bag and I folded the bag to put in my right rear pocket to take home and use again, again and again until it was worn through. I also took a piece of fruit and bought milk there. Sometimes they had chocolate milk which was a real thrill and I can taste that now. The only time I got sick was when I made the mistake of eating in the cafeteria and threw up after some horrid sweet potatoes which I detest today still, but will eat yams.

  2. Junk Science - it's what's for lunch!

  3. When I heard this story on the radio the other day, I was surprised that they still even let little kids take their own lunches to school. I just assumed that they hooked the lil' sprogs up to I.V. lines while they watched movies produced to make them compliant little hive members.

    Clearly we can't let parents have control over something as potentially crisis ridden as a sack lunch, you know.

  4. Interesting how this report comes at a time when MEchelle wants to take over school lunches AND the city of Chicago has school that are banning bag lunches (http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2011/04/11/michelle-obamas-america-chicago-school-bans-bag-lunches-protect-kids-the).

    Oh, and the timing, right before the new school year. All very interesting....