Saturday, August 06, 2011

Why is it- that whenever spending cuts are mentioned

It's always entitlements and defense that takes the hits?

I understand the Left hating the military, and kind of understand the Left trying to scare people with taking away grandmas free food.

There are a crapload of alphabet agencies out there who've either outgrown their original mandate or are completely useless today- if not counterproductive to the good of America.

We have the Dept. of Energy who was created by Nixon to find a way to get us independent of foreign oil, and where are we now? You're really kicking ass on nukes, too guys.

The dept. of Ed. was supposed to take dumb skinny kids and teach them to read. Now we have fat dumb kids who can't read- but can rattle off all the Glambda talking points and tell you in explicit detail about various sexual techniques.

The DoJ? breaking laws with impunity and under cover of their own lawless organizations.

Unelected and unaccountable Czars?

The Dept. of Labor micromanaging private companies to reward Unions for their support.

There is plenty of excess and un-needed trillions flowing into the sewers of DeeCee that won't be missed if it stopped today.

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