Friday, August 19, 2011

If you have any humanity in you

This will piss you off...

And make you ask why we're sending our best and brightest over there to die and become maimed in order to protect these animals in human form.

Via IOTW we find how those islamotards treat their animals, and in turn their own people.
Because if your religion teaches you to torture a dog, what stops you from doing the same to say...women? Children? Infidels? Shia (if you're the other sect), Baath if you're shia?

Hell, lets stone a woman to death because she got raped.

Lets pull our troops out and level the Afghani hills into a melted, rolling green (and softly glowing) golf course for our vacationer-in-chief.


  1. The best way to deal with the sick fucks who torture animals like this is to do exactly the same things to them.

    Problem solved quickly.

  2. When you are dealing with people who want to stone people then you should not be surprised at what they do to dogs.


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