Sunday, August 28, 2011

I don't know which internet rule applies here

But I'm sure there is one.

Take a news aggregater add a story from a lesser know satire site and read the outraged comments where no-one mentions the site they're getting all wee-wee'd up about is a satire site.

You do the math, is the price outrageous, or in line with what you'd pay per bottle at the checkout?


  1. Ok, I did the math.

    Buy the gallon jug of off-brand water for 79 cents.

    Seriously, though, I understand buying a case of bottled water once in your life - sometimes those little fellas are convenient.

    What I don't understand is buying a second case. I mean, drink 'em, refill 'em from the tap, and throw 'em back in the fridge.

    What am I missing here?

  2. Last year there was a huge water main break in eastern MA. Much of the water in the Boston area was supposed to be undrinkable. Stores quickly ran out of bottled water and prices went up on what was left. The Mass. AG threatened to "investigate" stores that "gouged" consumers. The gouging price was $30.00 a case, or a bit more than $1.00 a bottle.

    I suggested she start at Fenway Park, where the same 20 oz bottle of water is sold for $3.25.

  3. Harvey- it was supposedly taken at a BestBuy in the N.E. right before or after Irene.

    The Chive is an Onion take-off site, so I wouldn't put too much trust in it.