Saturday, August 06, 2011

how long has it been

that we've been hearing the screeching if Federal do-gooders warning everyone about the dangers of tobacco?
Fifty years at least?

And their ever increasing fluttering and even more dire scare mongering about how bad tobacco is for the body, including the new pictures of diseased body parts now required- just like Canada has for the past 25 years.
That should have wiped smoking out for good- or the ever increasing 'sin tax' on them and alcohol (and sugary sodas, trans-fats...) or those fascistic tobacco-free zones that Liberals are imposing all over...

Or so you'd think- except that it's not working, just like prohibition didn't work in the 20's.

The only thing both did was make criminals out of normal Americans.
Who are STILL going to suck coffin nails.


  1. We used to call them cancer sticks.

  2. Yeah, and we've been doing it since the twenties...

  3. On the bright side, consider the marketing opportunities for selling decorative sleeves that cover up the obscene pictures on packs of smokes.