Sunday, August 14, 2011

A quick question for Mike Suckabee

Do you want to remind anyone where you came in on the `08 primary polling?
Because you really suck at being a political commentator- or prognosticator.

But, he advised Pawlenty to stay in the race.

"Whoever of the two Minnesotans comes out on top," he said, referring to Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann, "they come out of here on the shoulders of their teammates. The other one may go out on a gurney."

"It may be that some people are a little more positioned and are going to stay in and some who decide that their donor base is going to dry up," he said.

But, he advised Pawlenty to stay in the race.


But, Huckabee said, those who think Perry will come into the race and be able to knock Romney off his game easily are mistaken.

"The question may be what will Romney do to Perry. The one thing Romney's got going for him is it's not his first rodeo," Huckabee said.

The results of the Iowa Republican straw poll of August 13 are: (1) Michelle Bachmann 4,823; (2) Ron Paul 4,671; (3) Tim Pawlenty 2,293; (4) Rick Santorum 1,657; (5) Herman Cain 1,456; (6) Rick Perry 718 (write-in); (7) Mitt Romney 567; (8) Newt Gingrich 385; (9) Jon Huntsman 69; (10) Thad McCotter 35. There were another 162 scattering votes.

Notice that Huckabee, who does not like Romney, said "the one thing." He continued, and said of Romney, "He's been on the back of the bull before and it's a bruising experience, and he has the advantage of having ridden it for a while."

That's right Mike, if I can remind you that

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