Monday, March 29, 2010

While stuck in traffic

You know how your thoughts wander,,,when I had this *WAITAMINIT* moment.

Someone may have mentioned this before, like when he was on the campaign trail.

The part of the campaign before he got elected, not this 'love my health care scam" campaign.

Anyway- when he was mentioning the discrimination he faced while growing up (besides his typical white granny)- remember that? Didn't he grow up in Hawaii, when he wasn't enrolled in moslem schools in the mid-east?

Hawaii, that bastion of uber-Liberalism that makes Cali look almost centrist. The Hawaii that has a price freeze on gasoline as we speak? The one who wants to make it illegal for anyone not 'native' Hawaiian to own land? The state that pretty much teaches socialism as a good thing?

Barack Obama grew up in an entire society of Liberals. How could they 'evar' discriminate against someone of color?

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  1. I lived in Hawaii for three years. Hated it. Loved the place... hated the locals, the "kine". Yeah, they're liberal... as long as you're an Hawaiian native. 3 out of 5 kine I ever had to deal with were openly hostile and downright rude.
    I'm laughing at this most recent petition to be declared special indigenous status, as I'm all for giving the same gift we gave the Indians way back when... although finding some smallpox-ridden blankets might be hard to find these days.
    Don't get me started.