Sunday, March 07, 2010

Life on Mars

How about Walmatian life?

I had to deposit the check I blew off Friday because I didn't want to fight the traffic around 410 and Marbach, so I went to the Wally World up the road for the weekly groceries.

It's a *real* super Walmart with about 25 checkout lanes. All but two quick checks and ONE regular checkout were closed. On a Sunday morning where I was behind Mr. and Mrs. Anal Retentive. There they were with a piled-high shopping cart that included two plastic wrapped lamp shades.

They were nestled together so save space.
...And no check-out that I saw had any of those "my pile" separator bars.

Anyway, the checker has this thing about bagging. every. thing.
The 20# bag of puppy chow went (mostly) into a bag.
Then came those lampshades- in plastic- where our intrepid bag lady must have spent five minutes trying to get those PLASTIC encased lamp shades into a plastic bag.

Our stout and ever so helpful shoppers decided they'd give it a go and let her finish checking them out. Well, they succeeded by sheer intellect -and putting one PLASTIC wrapped shade into each separate plastic bag...where they found out that they couldn't shove them together like before.
As Mr. Anal was studying the little electric debit card gizmo, he decided to ask how it know...worked.
Mrs. Bag Lady was clueless and I wasn't going to volunteer any info that would keep me there any longer than possible.

Oh, and each gallon of motor oil got it's own separate bag, too.

As I got up and was trying to hurry her- everything got it's bag.
Even my little package of nuts and bolts..she had to go to
station to get said mini-bag so as not to contaminate the packaged gravy she just place in her bag.

Gawd, I'm glad to be home.
Oh, and Digiorno? I refuse to pay $6 for a pizza that I have to cook myself.

So how's your morning going?


  1. All WalMars appear to be the same. We had a gazillion registers and usually 3 or 4 scheduled to run them. We were also instructed that everything, be it fish, fowl, or lawnchair, had to be bagged. To add to the confusion, we were also told to use as few bags as possible.
    You had the 50/50 of getting everything you purchased stuffed violently into one bag, or each individual Cheerio in the box carefully wrapped.
    It's a crap-shoot in more ways than I care to think about.

  2. I thought of you in passing while I was waiting, and wanted to ask:
    "What's it like in there?"