Saturday, March 06, 2010

Katie Price

She's some kind of supermodel/autheress/guest on Grahm Norton again tonight.

At first look, she's a knockout.
Stauesque, black hair over what I thought were Brittish blue eyes (nothing hotter than black over blue).

But tonight on Grahm...WAIT! (I'm a conservative so why would I be watching Grahm? A complete openly ghey Irishman who makes it part of his persona? It's not that I can overlook something like that because I'm actually a mature adult that looks at talent over gender issues.)

OK- got that out of the way.

Now...She's got brown eyes and what look like the silicone mountains of the BBC.
Damme... now I need to find someone else to represent all that's in the UK.

Well, there's always Gwen and that sexy gap in her teeth...

But, Torchwod is over and in the BBC way of doing things, we on't be seeing them again, no matter how popular they are.

Well, here's a gimme to BBCAmerica...endless loops of Eve Miles running will keep your ratings up. - Just saying,,,because I'm only here to help.

Bonus question -NO SCROLLING BACK UP!

How many rings is Katie wearing??


  1. From the rumors I have heard, Torchwood, and all its Glen-y goodness, is on its way back... We shall see (and certainly hope), though.