Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I was moving trailers today

I was moving the dry vans we use for stock/supply/parts trailers from jobsites to the yard and I want to ask you people who drive cars and SUVs some questions.

Like why- when you're using the onramp to a highway- don't you speed up or slow down when someone's hauling a 53' trailer next to you? You're supposed to pick a hole and match your speed to meet it- NOT pace a semi that can't do anything but drive.
I mean for the f-ck sake- SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN, don't make me run you off the shoulder because you have your head up your @ss.

Or- when your behind me with clear lanes open on the fast side, WHY do you need to follow so close that I can only see one side mirror tip or the other because you can't hold your lane position. Dood, go frigging around you're not going to make me go any faster than I'm trying to go.

Lastly- Why do you need to get right on my traier tires and stay glued there for miles? Are you counting rivets? Are you singing that song "The wheels on the truck go round and round..."

I mean, people, lets get your heads out of our @sses when you're around big trucks.

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