Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Counting on measurements

I was watching one of those 2012 *ZOMYGAWDTHEWORLDWILLENDIN 2012" on the History channel, or NatGeo. Whatever.

The Mayans used a 20 day rotation before they came on their version of the weekend called Hota (?). Their year was like 10 months long and they had some kind of major milestone every 3-4 generations where they just dropped everything and moved.
(Hey, this is from a show I wasn't watching- wikipedia is here.)

This is going to be a comment about space and time and measurement.
Time is something that just happens at a measured pace.
It's the same wherever you are (ON EARTH). What is different is how it's measured.
I can think of several calenders off the top of my head that all show today as a different date and year, even century. But the same amount of time has passed since that Mesquite tree sprouted outside my window for all those calenders. They just show a different timestamp.

The monitor I'm (sort of) looking at while I type this is 17" diagonal, which is like 1/2 a meter or 2/3 of a Cubit. It's the same no mater how you measure it. Ideally you should get the same measurement by reverse engineering it with the right math.

Temperature the same. Water freezes at 32F/0C/?in Farsi.
It's the same, just measured differently.

So why.....(I actually know why) do these scientists think just because the Mayan calender ends in 2012, after Mercury lines up on two consecutive Hota days with another solar phenomenon on the last Hoto day that stone age Indians knew when the world was going to end.
Which, if we looked at it from OUR Julian calander- there would be NO reasonable corrilation to our life at all.

Aren't these the same scientists who study English crop circles and have described advanced civilizations from the designs that two ADMITTED pub denizens have SHOWN how they made those crop designs.

You know the same ones who are responsible for the whole global warming scam?
Because their science isn't *really* science, or *really* peer reviewed because then they'd need to rely on unpopular FACTS.

But hey, maybe Xanterhufbble (the village joker) went to the big shayman and said- "Yo homeslice, what do you think would happen 1500 years from now if we just stopped this calender and let Whitey find it? We'd so PWNE them!"

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  1. The measurements make the numbers meaningful. It is important to get the sense of numbers in terms of units by measuring as many things as you can, using as many different types of units as you can.