Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Israel,

Please accept out apology for the fools in DeeCee.

You see, most Americans DO support you and *know* that you're the only ally we have in the Mid-East.
Those @ss clowns only got there by lying, and the media who were supposed to vette him being in his camp- yeah, they lied too.

His main supporters were looking for all the free ice dream they could get, and being as they're anti-Semitic Liberals they have no problem throwing you under the bus.

Most of the real people who actually understand threats and how the real world works know how well you've transformed your desert into a garden- and how those human garbage trashed everything you left them when you gave 'occupied' territory back to them.
I mean this in the most heartfelt way-

Good luck in your self preservation for the next three years.
I hope you can help us in spite of the arrogant snubs from a clueless administration.

Please hold out for a conservative president in 2012.

Kurt P
Hondo, TX

When that moron, Joe Biden was 90 minutes late to your stat dinner---I hope you started without him.
If not, I hope you'll do it in the future.

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