Friday, March 26, 2010

... Just WOW!

When HIMSELF told us HE was going to personally change the way America is looked at in the world- I never saw this coming.

Treating Bibi Netanyahu like a recalcitrant child by putting him on 'time out' as He went to his private Wagu beef dinner.

After having that moronic Joe Biden try to diss them by showing up 90 minutes late to a state dinner.

Because they announced that they'd keep doing what was NEVER on the table to stop- building housing for their citizens in their own capitol city while that idiotic Joe Biden was looking for an excuse to cause a problem.

Classy there Barry.

Then when Russia makes an even more embarrassing announcement that they'd help Iran with their nuke plants-----Nothing but covering our nuts and a feeble grin.

Using 'smart diplomacy' to make the world a safer place.
Tell those Israelis getting attacked by the Palies (encouraged by your policies).
OR any Somalis that aren't Islamo-terrorists.
The freedom movement in Iran.

Yep, making friends and improving relations everywhere you go, Barry.
Does anyone want to guess at how low he'll go?
Then running to Putins d!ck to sign an anti-nuke treaty that they'll never enforce on themselves.

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