Wednesday, March 17, 2010

They have shown commitment- Hillary

Of the two sides, Israel has gone out of their way to prove that they want peace.
It's your terrorist buddies in (the country that never was)Palestine that are the ones always cock-blocking the peace process.

Israel has given up land, stopped building homes for their own people, -taken homes AWAY from their people to show they want peace....or at least a cessation of active terrorism.
And you chit all over them

The Palestinian terrorists lob rockets at Israel with impunity, send suicide bombers to blow up pizza parlor, school buses and day care centers and you poo-poo them away and excuse them every chance you get.

Now you and every other Anti-Semite in the world want Israel to stop building on land that NEVER was and NEVER would be on the table. Now, the UN and the EU are piling on the ONLY civilized country in the Mid-East who actively reaches out to their enemies withe a new hand each time they cut off the old one.

What about this vaunted Moslem brotherhood we hear so much about? Egypt has a border wall to rival anything Israel has- because they don't want those rabid animals infecting their people. Jourdan doesn't want anything to do with them.

Now your sending those arrogant representatives to try bullying Israel into signing another 'peace treaty' with someone who'd use it for toilet paper-if they were that civilized.

Bah, if Israel wasn't so polite they need to tell you to go fuk-off until you convince the Palestinians to lay off terrorism.

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