Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've got a troll

He's not a very good troll- which pretty much fits this blog, doesn't it?
Maybe he's not one of those 'popular' trolls that get assigned to the good blogs and he got sent here until he can work his way up the troll ladder?
Anyway, here's what he sent on my frustration post about 'those who know better than us- what we need.'

You want some cheese with that whine? I would think you would have more important things on your mind with you about to the get the secure health care you did not want and all...

Are you going to move when health care reform passes? I just want to know so I can keep track of the Tories I'll have to fight in the up coming rebellion...

Well Elmo, first things first- I can't make a comment while AdAware is running- for some reason. Just more whining about the way 'those who know more than we need to' handle my computer life.

So you get a post all to yourself!

This healthcare that's been going on for over a year- my company just renewed and it's costing me an extra #7/week for less than I had for the last four years...I wonder why?

No, I won't be moving, I'll do my best to see that the only *D* in DeeCee is District.

AND lastly- how are you and the rest of your Gun fearing woosies going to fight if you're afraid to pick up a gun?

Now- finally: if this bill was soooooo good, why does the party with an unholy majority NOT be able to pass it because the Republicans had no way of stopping you. WHy isn't it law already?

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  1. If the bill is so great, why do the Democrats have to bribe the people in their own party to vote for it?