Saturday, December 05, 2009

When I was a SeaBee

We shot M-16A1's.
I shot either Expert or Marksman/Sharpshooter (whatever the missing Expert by 2- 3 poins was).
We were taught by Marine Gunnies about how to properly hold our weapons for maximum accuracy (and concealment).

I remember being told, when standing-to keep my left elbow tucked to my ribcage to help support barrel with less wiggling. So when I shot then, my left hand was not a far distance from the mag well.
I still shoot this way.

Anyway, Rob has a post about a new forward sloping grip to replace that tacitikeewl vertical grip on EBRs.
I was going to make a snarky comment about paying $50 to let them put your hand on the fore stock, but clicked the link. Dood, they have science and stuff to back up their new grip-that's-almost-like-oldskool-hand-on-the-stock $35 FSG (plus tax and new hardware).

After looking at their site and seeing where they're all putting their hands (as far forward as they can), I know I'd probably not be able to get near the center of mass that way.
I'd probably be lucky to keep them all on the paper at 25 yds.
And if I'm not standing, I still wrap the sling around my forearm if I have one.

My pistol grip is completely f*cked-up as you can see in the header.
(I can also make a dinner plate size grouping at 25 yds with it.)

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