Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The first rule of blogging

Post every day!

What's that word....?

Oh yeah, CONTENT!

As you can see by the timestamp, I'm here when I should be earning money.
That wet, cold front has come through and all I accomplished today was to move a storage trailer from the yard to a jobsite while it was still dry enough.

Dry enough that the average San Antonio drivers wet weather 'drive-it-like-you-stole-it' instinct hadn't kicked in yet.

I've also been having hinge issues with the drivers door on the S-10 -the bushings keep breaking apart, so I've been living with the sagging door. Well, this morning at 0'dark 6AM, the bushings on the top hinge both decided it would be a good time to fall out. So, with suitable language- I hefted the door back up so as to shut it for the drive to work...with LOTS of wind noise.

When I got to work- much to my mental well being, I discovered that somewhere in that 50 mile trip, the pin fell out.
Now I have a screwdriver tip from a 5-in-1 tool holding my door in the approximate place.
I'm torn between fixing it with the *Genuine GM parts* that have continually failed, bolts and home made bushings,,,or probably best that black poly gas pipe I have a chunk of- it's really tough and self lubricating. Plus I can form it with a utility knife (or for you lamestream media types...a BOXCUTTER!!!!!

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