Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lets all step into our wayback machine

Shall we?

As anyone who's not had the Lamestream Media as their primary source of information knows- there was an attempted flight bombing over Detroit on Christmas.
A day and a half ago.

When 9-11-01 happened George Bush kept reading to elementary students...because that's all he could do at the immediate moment- and the Left let loose with everything they had about his uncaring incompetence.


They still bring it up.

Over 36 hours later, where is the TelePrompTer Messiah's speech to the nation condemning this action?
Did they forget the TelePrompter and he can't give a national speech?

Given the way they've handled everything else, I wouldn't put it out of mind.

Thank ,,,ummmm,,,whoever that we have someone of Barry's' persuasive power making even more friends, so we don't have to worry about terrorists making a statement in AmeriKKKa.

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