Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, it's not 'The wildwood Flower'

And being that it's really a counter-counter-culture song, I guess it won't be getting much airplay.
But Ray Stevens the singer of such hard hitting songs as "The squirrel went berserk" and "They call him the freak" --don't look Martha!
Has come out with a message to the Dems.

It's gotta be bad when an apolitical humorist comes out gunning for you.
(stolen from Shoprat)

But, then again, if I'd come in wasted and did something like this....

I'd be fired instead of being re-elected after going through the requisite 'rehab'/

HEY! Maybe they should have some kind of SOBRIETY standard before they vote on what's going to affect EVERYONE in America.

How does this sound?
Lets revoke everything they voted on since,,,ohh,,,,June 2009 and have them blow a breathalyzer before voting to re=enact the same failed giveaways.

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