Sunday, December 27, 2009

Things are looking ugly in Iran

It looks like the anti Theocracy movement has had their fill.
There are riots in the streets and the security forces are shooting people dead.

I joined the Navy soon after those 'students' took over our embassy there, and after watching Dhimmy Carter send a poorly planned, manned and executed face saving rescue attempt there.
By the time he'd had four years of slashing the military budget, those helicopters were the best the military could come up with- they went out needing repairs, They're probably still sitting in the desert where they were left when the last of our ....foreigne respectability pulled back to wait Ronald Reagan.

Now, three decades later, students the Iranian population is turning against their repressive government.
...And the guy who's sitting in a borrowed (not rented) $28 million mansion won't say anything because A) it's against a dictatorship and B) because it shows that government actually has to listen to the people.

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