Saturday, December 12, 2009

The 0bama recovery

I don't know what the *Czar of pulling numbers out of your @ss* has to say about it, but the Unicorn Rider says we're on the way to recovery.

If we can just spend our way out of bankruptcy.

Our largish electrical company just announced yesterday that we're going to 32 hour weeks for a while, since even the San Antonio economy is shrinking.
Our Boss has lots of in with the local school districts around here, and is almost the exclusive contractor that H.E.B. uses for their construction and maintenance needs.

There are no new jobs in the pipeline.

But that's ok, We'll just bump our credit line another 1.8 TRILLION dollars and slap a bureaucratic straitjacket on the economy for the next 30 years with the new 0bamacracy.

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