Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swift action from 'The Won'

So, the political hack we have in DeeCee is playing catch-up on this security thing after blowing it off for his golf and emergency motorcade runs through the streets of Hawaii.
He wants a report on his desk by tomorrow. Where it will sit until he decides he's had enough time off- just like that Pork laden stimulus bill that had the fierce urgency of NOW!

I'm not some kind of security expert (but neither are those Apparatchik's you surround yourself with), but I'd say that part of the problem is 'The Wall' that you put back in place to protect your Chicago pals from prosecution.
You know, the one that prevents .gov law enforcement from talking to each other, the one that Jamie Gorelick put up to protect her boss Bill Clinton.
The same Jamie that was on that farce called the 9-11 commission.

He got on an international flight with just a carry-on (not sure how common that is,,,but) and WITHOUT A PASSPORT.
His own dad reported him to both Nigerian AND American anti terrorist agencies.

Also, although no one else wants to tell you this, it was the absolute bumbling that's been going on since January 20 of this year that gutted our intelligence ability- because they don't want to be prosecuted by your fellow socialist Eric Holder!



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