Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I see by the intranetz

That 0bama has really pissed off his base -the lunatic fringe- with his paltry 30,000 troops for only 18 months.
...AND no change in the kid glove treatment of captured terrorists.
...OR the ROE that tie both hands of our fighters.

So now the Anti-American Liberals in the Congress are talking about withholding funding for them.

Let me put on my shamans turban and make some predictions.

First- Alqueda and the taliban will make some big attacks on the new troops, then pull back to cool their heels for the last 12 months of the occupation. Where the loyal lapdogs of the White house Media will crow about how we're winning in A'stan,,,and maybe we can get out even earlier.

Second- Both civilians and the .gov workers know they'll be hung out to dry 18 months from now, so why bust your @ss to help NATO?

Third- everything will quiet down waiting for the last chopper, then it'll look like the Khmer Rouge on steroids.

Fourth- The UN will turn a blind eye to the atrocities because it's only moslims being what can you do?

I've been right before in my predictions- bookmark me and see a year and a half from now.

OHH, and Lastly- Himself seeing how everyone knows what a whimp he is- will do something stupidly agressive with a disillusioned military and a weak opponent and utterly crush them just to show 'you don't mess with the 0-man'.

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