Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Where are you at?"

Me: Lowe's.
Boss: Where?

Me: Lowe's. I just got back with the one ton from that fuel run, and dropped it at the orchard.
Boss: Why?
Me: I need a new toilet. I can't stop my other one from draining the tank.

Boss: Oh. How much time have you got today?
Me: Two hours- it puts me at 6 OT for the week. (The guy who signs the checks doesn't like seeing much more than 5 OT)

Boss: You need to go over go back over to (the school I just left) and run the boom truck to finish pulling wire, they just broke one pulling head and got another pull stuck in the pipe.

So I get over there and meet a journeyman who's really good at wire pulls (that they called in from home). I get the truck backed to where it should be (instead of where it was) while he takes the top off the switchgear box.
The first crew through inexperience or laziness tried making an angle pull in old,small conduit with sharp radius bends.

After getting the hook down directly above the conduit opening, we got enough mule tape on the barley visable head to get it the rest of the way out.

After that was done, and we saw how much wire lube was *not* used, I repositioned myself to pull the stuck wire out.

To do this, I had to back into a dead-end courtyard with about six inches of clearance on each mirror.

Because I couldn't fit under the walkway.

To make a blind pull, that was relayed by people who weren't up to speed on using hand signals.

While sharing space with the brick masons.

After pulling the stuck wire out, I got to drive through that alley again to set up in the first place I was.

The journeyman made the right head and used plenty of soap and the last three pulled in slick as snot.

Someone is going to hear about that pull from the office on Monday....

For Orangeneck-
All that really happened Monday was lots of yelling and finger pointing, with threats of writing 'someone' up.

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