Saturday, July 18, 2009

It took 10 hours

To do what it should have taken the guy that was supposed to be running backhoe about four.
To back up...
Yesterday I was supposed to come in and punch out six holes for pole bases and go home.
Then it changed to do the six holes and rocksaw the trench...then go home (ok backing up to around 12:30, still cool).
Then boss says "Before you head home, do a quick fuel run to (a middles school nearby), and have a good week-end. (Cr@p- there goes my early day)
As I finish fueling I get another call: "Go back to the Orchard and pick up a trailer then pick up the skid-steer (a Cat bobcat) so you can work at (a college downtown) tomorrow. Can you work tomorrow?

I was *really* thinking of taking the whole shebang home and just showing up to push dirt for about an hour, but the guy that signs my check knew where I was going and what I was doing. I had this niggling little thing that said 'he knows how long it should take to do this, do you really think he'll be gone before you need to be back?'
He was still there when I got back- an hour later than quitting time.

Today I had to drive an hour northeast to get the truck and drive back southwest for half an hour to the jobsite.
I then had to move about 12 yards of dirt with a bucket of less than 1/3 yard
-backfill and compact four sections of trench
-make a calichie lot presentable by consolidating the spoils into one big pile (with the 12 yds)
-scrape the parking lot clean so they can prep for asphalt work.

I left the yard at 5:30 tonight with 17 hours OT.
It makes a good paycheck, but I'd really rather be doing this:

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