Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nice thought.......................BUT

No matter how futuristic you get, the most defensive you can get is what the "command' lets you get.

How many of my readers have walked their posts/watches/tours..whatever with completely empty weapons armed with only a functioning radio?

This *New and Improved* robot gun that will increase a ships survivability in hostile waters....and is being installed on the USS Cole- is supposed to stop what happened to the USS Cole.

The problem being, is that the manned .50's that were BY ORDER--unloaded and were tracking those Zodiacs anyway,,,couldn't do Jack-chit without an order from the Pentagon, since they were in a forgien port.

It didn't matter that the gunners mates who racked the weapons were told by their Chief to 'belay that' were only going through the drill- it was Bill Clintons policy of *hope* that ensured our Destroyer was unable to defend herself from the prevalent anti-Americanism brought about from a pedophile adoring cult.

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