Sunday, July 19, 2009

I see we have the Messiahs birth certificate popping up again

This time in the form of a Reservist who is challenging the head Neophyte to prove he can order him deployed.
According to the ....ummmmm...birthers... the fact that the Army cancelled those orders proves there's something 'there'.

How about this?
Given that Obama has an undeservedly HUGE ego unsupported by anything except that he's been handed sh1t all his life, and sees those below him as things to be used; do you think that maybe he's fighting just because he likes to watch the fun?
That he's spending millions of taxpayer dollars to enjoy conservatives pulling his bobber along like a little Bluegill.

AND on the last day of his reign, he'll whip out the long form official Hawaii birth certificate and laugh all the way to Marine One.

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