Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Got nothing.
I worked almost 20 hours Monday, and was so tired I was making puns out of our transformers.
You're lucky I didn't get a chance to know WYE we were looking for 3 phase 480 so we could make a NEUTRAL for a garage size ice dispenser. Just because someone DELTAgated the job to us.
Now we WIND up TAPPING our CURRENT knowledge of our CORE electric technology.
We ended up with the COMMON consensus that we'd have to LOCK-OUT that idea and ended up just pulling 300 feet of 1/O copper in a full conduit to get what we needed.

If you think that was bad there was 6+ hours of that same talk
Monday night.

Got a link from a hot blonde who's scarysmart. Thanks Roberta.

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