Sunday, July 05, 2009

On Obamas Honduran reaction

It's been in the back of my mind that since our 'Constitutional Scholar' got elected as President, that he has a certain ...lack ...of the nuances it suggests.

This Honduran episode is making me wonder what he'll do with a military he despises, and what kind of adventures he'll feel free to send them on. After Carter, the military was a shell of what it once was. Reagan rebuilt it and pretty much kept us out of unnecessary forgein escapades.
Bush I, responded to Saddam's invasion of out Kuwaiti ally.
Clinton got us involved in that Bosnian quagmire, where we'll have people forever due to Liberal cluelessness and U.N. ineptness. At least he didn't send ground troops when he bombed aspirin factories and empty tents.

Bush II, you know the Leftist tilt on all that.

Now we have a Socialist in charge who, I think will have no problem using the military to enforce his whims will.
While, I respect the Honduran military's willingness to enforce their Congress and Supreme Courts ruling in ousting their dictatorial President, but I'm wondering how the command of THIS country will react when they're ordered to commit illegal acts.
How far up- or down- the chain of command will it go before someone stands up and says "with all due respect Sir, I won't follow that illegal order"?
How many small, niggling things will it take to dull the perception of what's wrong with those orders to be used against your own citizens?

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