Friday, July 10, 2009

So, GM is out of bankruptcy already

And it only took how many BILLIONS of dollars to get them all the way to bankruptcy court?

Now the .gov appointees in charge of the company are saying that the .gov is going to stay out......




Does the AP actually believe that Barbra Streisand they printed here?

Lets see if I remember things right-
The Unions (of which there is no mention)refused to bargain with either Chrysler or GM until they wasted TRILLIONS of dollars on a band aid that was supposed to keep them both out of bankruptcy court.
THEN the .gov pretty much stole 70% of stockholders secured investments to reward the UAW for it's support in electing the Messiah.

THEN our head Neophyte put his own people in charge of both companies,,,,,,BUT the .gov won't interfere in the daily running of their new Peoples Auto Collectives (Bow tie and Pentastar divisions) because for some reason bureaucrats will run those companies better than people who actually STUDIED running a business.

BTW, Ford didn't take the .govs 30 pieces of silver- did you know they're number 4 in worldwide auto sales as of last week?

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