Saturday, July 04, 2009

56 men

Their names most of you won't recognize, but they knew- if caught by the authorities- they were signing their death warrant.

These men who after due deliberation and argument over every word in this document (which proves they read it) were not political hacks, but somber Conservative citizens who knew their lives would change forever with their signatures.

George Read- Delaware Colony
Thomas McKean- Delaware Colony
Caesar Rodney- Delaware Colony

George Clymer- Pennsylvania Colony
Robert Morris- Pennsylvania Colony (who almost sinlehandedly financed the Continental troops, and today would be labled a war profiteer)
Benjamin Franklin-Pennsylvania Colony
Benjamin Rush- Pennsylvania Colony
John Morton- Pennsylvania Colony
George Ross- Pennsylvania Colony
James Smith- Pennsylvania Colony
James Wilson- Pennsylvania Colony
George Taylor- Pennsylvania Colony

John Adams- Massachusetts Colony
John Hancock- Massachusetts Colony
Elbridge Gerry- Massachusetts Colony
Samuel Adams- Massachusetts Colony
Robert Treat Paine- Massachusetts Colony

Josiah Bartlett- New Hampshire Colony
William Whipple- New Hampshire Colony
Matthew Thornton- New Hampshire Colony

You know what?
F*ck it.
I just got back from the weekly shopping when I heard about our Autocrat in Chief calling a democratically elected government- who used their Constitutional powers to PRESERVE their Representative democracy from being usurped by a dictator wannabe-an illegal coup. Then cutting off military aid in spite of invasion threats.

Our Founding Fathers knew first hand how badly a deified autocrat could treat his people, and used their own resources to become a free and independent nation with the spirit of a true Republic where ALL citizens views were weighed.

Today we have a "god" as lead player and a complete rubber stamp Congress who'll do his bidding, and when he's done, the last of our checks and balances will be gone with his Liberal Supreme Court nominees.

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