Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I got a phone call today!

It was from my US Rep. Ciro Rodriguez inviting me to meet him at the Hondo libary.
Actually it was a robo-call that he invited me to be at the hondo LIBARY between noon and 4PM.
Sorry Ciro, I work in San Antonio- BUT here's an e-mail I sent to him.

I got your phone call today about meeting you at the Hondo librbay.
I work in San ANtonio, so won't be able to attend. If I were able to attend, I would tell you to vote NO!!!!!!!
on the healthcare scheme that is being concocted in Washington untill you:

-Fix Medicade
-Fix Medicare
-Show us how you can run the VA in the way you say you're going to run the healthcare of 400 million (Americans and illegals) members of your 'Single payer" plan.

Again- VOTE NO! on this plan.

BTW- If you want to see the entire feel-good legislation they've (House) have voted on in seven months, you can find it here.

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