Sunday, December 21, 2008

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Tonight he's in the Windy City doing a deep dish pizza challenge.

Sorry Bobby, but even the dead people are going to vote for the local guy- no matter how good your pizza is.

Daym, what a surprise, it was unanimous for the Chicago guy.

Dinner Impossible-
They're in Biloxi, MS making a tent city meal for hurricain survivors.
It turns out that ALL the donated kitchen equipment was designed for natural gas- instead of the propain they were provided.

They are scrambeling to get Gawd knows how many different venues to cook the meal.
I *know* that there is a Natural gas line along one of the main roads that can be tapped in less than half an hour and ALL the temperary ovens and grills working in 45 minutes.
I guess out of sight is out of mind.....

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