Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shotgun posting and EBRs

Does anyone know if military insignia (identification patches) are copyright or trademark protected? If I wanted to use a variation of say my unit patch as part of my name or logo, would I need .gov permission?

For you buying EBRs before the Obamessiah takes office, an AR dust cover with the immortal words from Team America on the inside.

Tomorrow is 'Call in Gay' day. That'll make your co-workers and management really happy with you. I'd bet they even remember that when Mr. HopeyMcChange forces them to think about downsizing. Besides we all remember how well it worked for the illegal amnesty people, right?

You people in the fast lane doing 5 MPH below the speed limit...
Do you have a clue about WHY the people tailgating you until they can cut over THREE lanes to get ahead of you and cutting you off and zooming away from you?
Do you think if you got your head out of your @ss you might drive better?
Same thing with those morons who take an off ramp from the hammer lane and almost hit the Jersey wall dividing it from the Interstate.

The high tomorrow is supposed to be 37, windy and sleety. Next year I don't want to be looking at climbing onto an exposed backhoe. I want to be selling $5 parts at a $5 profit and being able to pocket $1 after Mr. Charity takes his cut.

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