Friday, December 12, 2008

The Princess and the pea

Every one remembers that fairy tail, right?

The Princess was supposed to be so tender and feeling that she could feel a pea through a bunch of mattresses.

This meant, I guess that she was a real catch, or over sensitive royalty which is better than a peasant who has to take things as they come...or something like that.

If I was living with said hypersensitive Princess, I'd *have* to strangle her for peace and quite,,,"It's cold in here" "I feel a breeze" "I felt a mouse walking in the other room" "Your hear beat is shaking the bed" "We need a new toilet seat, this one has a molecule out of place" "You had sardines last week, didn't you!" "Do something about this dust falling on me"

Kinda like living with Rachael Rae.....Shut UP woman!

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