Friday, December 26, 2008

Texas has a bi-yearly Legislature

As in it meets every two years.
I heard that one of the items on the agenda this year is the American Cancer Society trying to get the Lege to outlaw ANY smoking in a public or private business that is open to the public.
You know,,,private property where adults congregate by choice. Even though they *know* there is secondhand smoke.
Yes a do-gooder organization is trying to get the TEXAS Lege to make a blanket law, so they (the ACS) doesn't have to go to every city in Texas to ,,,coerce their citizens into behaving the *right* way.

This is still TEXAS- where the concept of personal responsibility is still alive.
Sure smoking is bad for you. So is drinking (in bars where they want to ban smoking), so is too much fast food and driving too fast.
If a private business wants to ban smoking, let them. People will go where they feel comfortable. If it's a smokey bar with tired barflies, well then let them get lucky.

As far as the health care costs they cry about, that's SUPPOSED to be taken care of from that ginormous Big Tobacco shakedown during the reign of Slick Willie- remember?
Not to mention the ever increasing sin tax smokers pay to defray the additional healthcare costs.

They don't want a statewide smoking ban for the *good of the people*- they want it because they can. Pure Liberal Socialism. Since they're trying to outlaw a legal product, why not just make a notional law to prohibit it. It was tried once with booze, and we all know how well that worked.

So to my State Senator Carlos Uresti(D) go against your instincts and say NO! to this intrusion on personal choice.
AND State Rep. Tracy O. King(D) go against your "Moving Texas Forward" progressive cr@p and try to keep Texas Texas, NOT NYC on the Brazos.

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