Saturday, December 06, 2008

Keep your money, it's yours after all

That's the newest economic "fix" over there in wonderland D.C.
The way I understand it is that our betters in Congress would give us a two month break on all Federal withholding from our paychecks- to be paid for with the ever increasing bailout promise. A tax holiday if you would.

Except that it's our future money that will be promised to pay this withholding brainstorm.
Sure, I'd love to see my entire paycheck go into my bank, I might even be able to afford to get some bargain basement stocks.
BUT this $1.3 trillion bailout money, if i understand it, is not being 'spent' right now- just promised. Right? So instead of actually SPENDING the money- why not just take that amount off the table and only spend the remaining availab..................CHIT- that's right it's our modern Congress.

The same geniuses that raided the Social Security trust fund and dropped in an IOU.
The same people who have absolutely no concept of living within you means, or balancing a checkbook.
The same people who mandated "fairness" in the mortgage industry- which caused its collapse.
The same ones who think giving jobs to illegals will help the looming unemployment crisis for Americans.
The same ones who are completely blindsided when their newest expensive and intrusive "fix" causes people to react in their own self interest, and opposit their intended results.

Yeah, they'll find a way to waste it. Since it's been allocated it just *needs* to be spent. May as well use it for something that will bump the taxpayers money in the short term instead of rewarding FAIL.

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