Thursday, December 18, 2008

It doesn't matter what it looks like

It's still a firearm.
It has a barrel, a chamber and fires bullets.

Everyone who owns a firearm should be fighting for the rights of everyone who owns a fire arm- weather you *like* the weapon or not.
If you use it for target practice, self defence or hunting.

Just because your .30-30(oooh ... pretty baby...) doesn't look like that EBR the Mr. Lightworker wants to ban doesn't mean it's not in the targets of Those Who Decide either.

Just because you don't own any pistols doesn't mean that it's ok to sit back and let them take away someone else's right because they don't 'need' it.
Just ask yourself this- and I'm talking to all three of you that are reading this...

What kind of car and how many do you have? Are you sure you 'need' that SUV instead of a Yugo? Why do you 'need' so many vehicles instead of taking turns to use just one?
Who do you want to decide what you can drive and which vehicles are banned?

And since owning a vehicle isn't an enumerated RIGHT in the Bill of Rights, it should be much easier to ban certain types of vehicles than scary guns, right?

Hmmmmm...any kind of gun? Even if it's not worth $200?
Earlier this year, the NYPD tried a different tact, teaming up with churches willing to host the buy-back program, and offering a $200 bank card to anyone who turns a gun in.

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