Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It hasn't got out of the thirties since Sunday

I'm glad I'm off this week and not sitting on an elevated exposed piece of equipment.
I think I found out why a spring mandrel isn't such a hot idea -in practice.
In theory it's great, but making the spring is alot harder using #12 piano wire.
I'm sure I could get it right if I used an actual spring manufacturer to make them.
I just can't afford an initial set-up for an unproved idea.

Maybe I'll come back to it.
I have another idea that might be better anyway.

I might start selling repair sleeves for conduit, too. I can make them cheaper than the short factory couplings and they'd work better when easing conduit around a bend PLUS the glue would actually work.
I wonder if I need any OK's for that? UL or NFPA?

I don't WANT to be working where I am now next year, and I want it to be my own choice not to be.

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